Gulchohra comes out, looks here and there.
She sits down to think

GULCHOHRA: What have I done? I told him such words, which dont suit such a girl like me... where on earth did he appear here! But he and his words are just and correct... I cannot forget him. Oh how sad has become my soul!


I fell in love with fresh lovely flower on spring day.

Askar's aria

Jahan's couplets and dance

Suleyman's song

Suleyman's, Jahan's and Vali's couplets and dances

Gulchohra's aria

Telli's song

Askar's song

Girl's chorus

Askar and
Gulchohra's duet

Gulchohra's aria

Asya and Telli's duet

Askar's song

Sultan bay's couplets

Gulchohra's aria

Asya's song

Vali and Telli's duet

Gulchohra's song

Trio. Asya, Telli and Gulchohra

Gulchohra's weeping




I fell in love with fresh lovely flower on spring day.
H brought me to bitter torment, he is not aware. (2)
Im in love, Im in love, Im in love
With fresh lovely flower on spring day.


I sobbed and made scarlet my bosom with bloody eye drops.
Wishing to give my beloved all that I have, All I have, all I have.
Its hard task that makes me ill, and thin like needle's eye
And leads me to sweet excited love adventure all day.
Im in love, Im in love, Im in love
With fresh lovely flower on spring day.

Asya and Telli come and sing


Whats wrong with you, why are you sad?
Gulchohra, Gulchohra?!
What troubles you, tell hasten!
Gulchohra, Gulchohra?!
Why is your lovely face faded
Gulchohra, Gulchohra?!
Gulchohra, tell hasten! (2)
It does not suit such girl
be sad and ponder in grief.
Why do you pine, why are you sad?
Gulchohra! Tell, hasten!
All f them enter the house; at this moment
Askar and his aunt come in. Jahan is in chadra
ASKAR: Look here, aunt, the girl lives in this house. Take this velvet to her and say that cloth Peddler has sent it. If somebody asks you who you are, say that you are sent by cloth Peddler, do you understand?
JAHAN: Clear, may I sacrifice myself for you! Im going.
She goes into the house
ASKAR: (alone) By the way, day by day I love her more and more. Just today if I see Suleyman, Ill send him to ask in marriage... Thus I have found what I wanted... as if this house, this yard, this road are smiling at me.
H sings


I looked for you, I found you. Do you love me darling too?
Look how joyful is my soul. My eyes cannot see the world. (2)
Come, come my lovely girl, come my pretty girl. (2)
I do love you, my soul, my heart, my eyes cannot see others. (2)

Thank you, my friend, Suleyman!

Thank you my friend Suleyman, what trickster you are sheytan!*
You gave me advice and sent me, and Ive met yar janan* (2)
Come, come my lovely girl, come my pretty girl! (2)
I do love you my soul, my heart. My eyes cannot see others. (2)

ASKAR: Well, now, I must not wait here. I must go home, lets see, what my aunt will tell when she comes home?
H leaves

  © Musigi Dunyasi, 2005